Am impressed with the uproar on there being no more Oliver Wood in PoA. The Fandom has, quite literally, gone mad. Though, how JK could allow this to happen I'll never know. Silly woman.

On brighter news, have submitted the fifth chapter of Weep No More, so it should be uploaded within the week.

Cuts from chapter fiveCollapse )

Chapter six has already been set to wonderful beta and chapter seven in currently in the writing. Yes, besides work and family, I have no life. Really.

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Can someone tell me what is so special about those dreaded sea monkeys? They resemble bacteria, if you ask me. My son wants one, but I don't see the point in getting them. What do you do with them?

Two chapters of WNM have been written. Go me! One is currently with beta, and the second one is, in the mean time, being re-checked by me to make sure it follows the rest of the story. coffeewriter has been terribly pushy lately about the Percy/Hermione-ness and the Draco/Pansy goodies. What makes you so sure I'll want it to be that way, eh Callie?
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So, I get this sudden urge to write and I do so. Ends up, I was writing a dramatic Ron/Pansy fic. Interesting as I am Ron/Draco and Draco/Pansy shipper. Alas, variety is good or so I hear.

Perhaps will upload story once I get it checked-over. Anyone like R/P?

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I don't recall ever beeing so busy before.

For those of you curious about Weep No More. I've got the third chapter back from my beta, so I'll have it submitted sometime during today and tomorrow.

Also, Fallen Roses and Hidden Tears is... in the making. I had written the first chapter, but I was not happy with it. Will try to work on it this week.

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My beta hasn't emailed me in some time now. Am starting to worry. The second chapter of WNM wasn't long, really. Perhaps three pages or so. But I haven't heard from her. Hmmm... maybe should wait until Sunday to send her an email -- again.
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