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Why does everyone get a plebe except for me? Is this something you sign up for, like an adoption agency? Or is there a Plebes R' Us I'm not familiar with? Or, better yet, is there a program that sniffs them out from the corners of FAP? Plebes doesn't seem to stick to Emily. Emily wants a plebe.

Watch the Pirates of the Caribean trailer. One word: *drools* Ok, not so much a word as an action. Who knew someone could combine Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the same movie. It's like an all-nighter wine and chocolate feast. I heard it's a Walt Disney movie. Excellent. Have excuse for husband: "Yes, dear, I think the children will enjoy the movie." [insert evil laughter]

Read not-so-good Buffy/Harry Potter crossover at FF.net. Not my slice of pie, I'll tell you. There's something that puts me off when Draco is a mirror image of Spike. And I mean that literally. He even had the scar on the eyebrow and "love" down to pat. If I'm going to read a crossover, then I want a good one!
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