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Stories reviewed and comments (involves spoilers)

Yours and Yours and Yours by waton: I do not understand how this story got niffled. I found Hermione to be OOC. Harry was as dull as a rock. The only good things were perhaps Ginny and her friendship with Harry (finally!). For some reason, just Ginny, Harry and Hermione were spending the summer holidays at Hogwarts, when, IMO, I was aware you couldn't spend the holidays there. Not a good story. I wouldn't recommend it.

The Road Not Taken by Païan: There's a story by Maya (though I can't remember the name) which is familiar in style to this. However, I do like the emotion the author put into the story. Doubts, though, came to me when Draco calls Harry his hero. Oh, well, still a nice story.

Fade by rainfallen: Oh, very good story. I really enjoyed this. A snippet of Tom and Ginny during the Chamber of Secrets. Full marks for Ginny behaving like an actual eleven-year-old in danger and Tom not "regretting" putting Ginny in danger.

The Thinking Cap by Andrea: Loved it! The idea is original and nicely written. The founders are true to themselves. The way they bicker for each student to be in their house (or not) is amusing to know end. Loved how Tom Riddle ended up in a Salazar-not-so-happy-about-it cameo.

If you're interested in WNM, chapter seven is still with beta-reader. It should be around shortly. Perhaps will give you cookie.
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