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An entry worthy of being written (finally)

Weep No More has had somewhat of a "soundtrack", basically just a bit of lyrics in the review board for your liking. Most of the music has, however, been picked from coffeewriter, who says (and I quote), "I'm too bored with my life. I can't draw, so I'll choose songs." coffeewriter says she's going to actually form a soundtrack list (complete with drawing) once I've finished (if I do).

Anyway, here are the lyrics that have been used so far:

For chapter five: Wild Horses by Jewel
For chapter six: Break Me, Shake Me by Savage Garden
For chapter seven: Belive in Angels by Heather Nova
For chapter eight: Spanish Doll by Poe

Callie, who is currently looking up lyrics for chapter 9, wants everyone to know that future "bands" will include Ghost of the Robot (no idea who that is, honestly), Cat Stevens (for the Ministry's pleasure), Garbage, Eric Clapton, Queen, Matchbox 20, Oasis and loads more. *shrugs* I'm leaving all of this completely to Callie's paws.

ebil_herbivore has been kind enough to offer her talents in making art for WNM. If you're interested in seeing the sketch so far, check out here. Remember to leave comments!

The ninth chapter has yet to be actually written. I've been busy what with work and children and husband and real life (which is just terrible). I do plan on writing this weekend, so I'll keep you updated.

I really, really have to start reading fanfictiona again, especially for the Order of Reviewers. I mean, it's still a couple o'months until OotP (hurrah!) comes out, so the fandom will have to fulfill me until then. Am thinking of tackling the classics like the Draco Triology, Barb's something or other, and such. Any thoughts?
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