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WNM #11 will probably not be written this week, since my schedule has become slightly more complicated than the last time I checked.

My first Niffle has come out, you can see it here. Hopefully the review is good enough for the story. I have the story for the next Niffle, but from there I have no idea yet. Recommendations are accepted. :-)

Also, while talking about recommendations, what book would you recommend as a present to a 13-year-old who does read a lot?
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I will survive!

Happy birthday, coffeewriter! I hope you're having a wonderful day, and you've got many more presents than the last time we spoke.

A welcome to cohort, endofhistory and felysselilyfaye who have found their ways to my journal. Grab a book and enjoy yourselves!

For those who are here because of Weep No More: chapter ten is finally here. The next one should hopefully make an appearence soon. Just need to write it. *sigh*

What's new today: I'm a Niffler! *cheers* I'm really happy. I've been wanting to be a Niffler since I joined FA. Congratulations to all of you who also made Niffler. :0)
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Happy mother's day!

Bitch TestCollapse )

I've started writing the upcoming chapter of WNM, but it's not pleasing me. I might just start all over. *shrugs* Sorry, but you really don't want to read some half-arse shite, do you?

One of you asked me if WNM is going to have a sequel. Er, I'm not sure. I think I'll finish with it first, and then move on. I have ideas for other stories, possibly which can be turned into a sequel, but we'll see how that goes.

For those of you that live in London: what are some common place to eat? Not sure if the same restaurants we have here in Cambridge can be found there.
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An entry worthy of being written (finally)

Every song that has been part of Weep No More for the person that askedCollapse )

Up-coming art for WNM, as well as news on 9th chapterCollapse )

I really, really have to start reading fanfictiona again, especially for the Order of Reviewers. I mean, it's still a couple o'months until OotP (hurrah!) comes out, so the fandom will have to fulfill me until then. Am thinking of tackling the classics like the Draco Triology, Barb's something or other, and such. Any thoughts?
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Chapter 8 of Weep No More has been submitted. Click here for bits and pieces to comeCollapse )

Where My Soul Originated From...Collapse )

Welcome mioknee to my humble journal. Hopefully, you'll enjoy yourself and have a drink.

Taking care of a dog is hard work, I'll tell you. My son has been begging for a puppy, so my husband told him to dog-sitt our neighbour's small Labrador for a few hours, to see how the dog thing went.

In two hours the dog managed to break a vase, pee on the carpet, tear a pillow to shreads, spill water all over the kitchen floor, dirty my daughter's favourite dress with mud that doesn't wont come off, and dig up the garden.

I am not getting my son a dog. He can get something that barely moves -- like a plant.
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Aloe Vera!

On Friday, I met up with coffeewriter and we went to see Two Weeks Notice, the movie with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. It was quite good, though a bit stupid really. However, you might enjoy it if you like the sort of romance-comedy, I know coffeewriter did. Sandra Bullock was very good, and Hugh Grant was his usual, normal self.

On Saturday, I took the kids to the park where we met a clown and my daughter cried. Well, it was a very scary clown...

Today I received the eight chapter of Weep No More from my beta, but I've sent it to another beta for a quick "make sure everything's all right" check. It should, hopefully, be back in a couple o'days.
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